Failure and Success, by Jeremiah B., age 20, Flint, MI

Here I’m going to talk about a failure/challenge that I’ve overcome at a point of time in my life.  I also will be describing how I showed resilience, persistence and determination.

First, I’m going to talk about a challenge I overcome.  At least two or three years ago I was attending Academy West, I had got expelled towards the middle of the school year.  I had ended up going back to the street life of flint trying to find my way, but of course that didn’t work out, during that duration of that year till the end.  I ended up getting locked up for 90 days.  After I completed my time, it was time for school again.  It was going on 2016 of course I wasn’t feeling it, I already was angry and mad.  I just made it back home.  But my first day of school was good but down the road I couldn’t give up the streets, it’s like they were calling me on a cell phone.  My mom used to tell me the streets will always be there, school won’t.  Well, I disobeyed because the streets was making me money, not school.  Eventually I was just going to school like once a week, then so on down the road a few times a month.  It was something about the money and streets, I just thought money was better than school because I can buy anything I want and never worried about nothing no more.  I was even getting more females off my recognition.  I felt loved and cared cause I was getting money and females.

Secondly, I’m going to talk about my resilience.  How I maintained and become a better person.  Well it’s 2017 and its time for school again.  I didn’t want to attend because I was 20 and it didn’t feel right.  But one person come back in my life and it was shocking because I never thought about him because he was never around.  But, my dad came back and I don’t know what it was but my dad just made me want to go harder.  It was like a burst of speed and now I’m in open field on my way to score the winning touchdown.  My determination was increased even my grannie gave me more confidence.  I eventually started to get myself together/straight, I was going shopping more and was making money the right way and not the illegal/wrong way.  I stacked up on a lot of Jordans, I even had a lot of my favorite jeans, but overall I just was coming up and I knew instantly I was doing something productive and smart cause I was getting rewarded with certain things.

In conclusion, I’m currently completing class and attending school full-time with no absences.  I also feel very determined on graduation and making my mom and dad proud of me.  Thank you for reading my story on how I overcame a challenge and showed resilience.

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  1. The Best Essay !

  2. Gloria Nieschulz

    Proud of what you are accomplishing. Keep up the good work and you will go far. Gloria Nieschul. gnieschulz@gmail. com

  3. Grammar could be improved. Essay structure is just not good. Overall not the best essay but a good story.

  4. Great content, most important part of anything worth reading. Good things are in your future. Money and things can be taken at any time, but no one can take your education!

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