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I Love John W Norton Jr!

This is a test essay to see if third-party users can successfully post to the site once registering.  So far, it’s looking pretty good.  Hopefully it continues.

I am so proud of you, sweetie.  You touch so many people’s lives, and this essay contest is just another example of it.

Five steps to success

  1. Have a goal. But…you will fail.
    The path over the mountain will have an obstacle, a door, a landslide. A lion. Something. Expect it and be prepared to overcome it. Don’t be surprised and just stop.
  2. Overcoming the failure might be easy…
    Often times the failure is easily surmountable – a thin shell, a paper screen, and a little pushing will easily get you through. Sometimes the blockade is a little thicker – a wooden door, or even a steel gate. Pound your way through.
  3. …or might be challenging.
    Eventually an obstacle along your path to success can’t be pounded through. It’s solid rock, or a deadly dragon. Nothing to do, right? Nope, go back a bit and try another path – make another path. Eventually, you will make it over the mountain.
  4. Don’t give up just because the going is hard.
    At some point the path will become so challenging, so difficult, that you will consider another destination, another goal. Only do this if you truly have changed your destination – don’t stop your current pursuit if you still want that goal. However, it might well be that on the way to achieve your goal you learned enough about your goal that you realize it’s not what you wanted. Be prepared to switch.
  5. Enjoy yourself along the way.
    Finally, the most important point, remember that one’s true satisfaction comes from the pursuit, not the capture,…the game, not the goal.