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A Girl in a Boy World by Olivia O.

Throughout my life I have had various setbacks, challenges, and failures. They have all taught me very valuable lessons and I often refer back to them when doubting myself.  An important setback in my life was when I wanted to play baseball with the boys. It is a very special experience to me because I overcame it and it had a tremendous impact on who I am today.  

   Growing up I have always had a passion for the sport baseball. I loved to watch baseball but I loved playing baseball with my dad even more. I decided that I wanted to pursue baseball more than just watching it and playing with my dad. I wanted to play on a team. However because I am a girl, I was “supposed” to play softball rather than baseball; so I reluctantly played softball for one season. Playing softball made me want to play baseball even more than before; it made me extremely determined to work hard and be able to compete with the boys. I knew that being a girl was a major disadvantage in the sport of baseball. I knew if I wanted to get a tryout I had to work harder than the boys. During that offseason I worked hard and practiced every chance I got. The next season the league administrators saw my hard work and gave me a chance to tryout. At the tryouts I was given many strange looks. Although this was distracting I ignored everything and focused on putting my hard work to work. My hard work paid off and a week later I received a call telling me that I made the baseball team! Throughout the season I had to continue to work hard at home because although I was on the team I had to compete for playing time against the boys. I went home after practice and practiced more on my own. I practiced after games and any day we did not have a game or practice I was practicing for hours on my own. Not only did I practice on the field but I also researched and watched videos on how to improve my game. My coach saw my determination and hard work and I was rewarded with an extensive amount of playing time. My team later went on to win 1st place in the league.

   This experience had a tremendous impact on who I am today. It taught me that you can do anything you set your mind to. I have grown into a stronger, more determined, and more confident individual because I know I can do anything I set my mind to. I continue to look back at this experience throughout my life whenever I doubt myself. I know this experience will continue to positively impact my life.